At Homeland Security we appreciate that many residential and business customers want the ability to view internal and external areas of their properties at any given time. From the initial visit to your premises discussing your requirements, we will design a system specifically for your needs.

Our CCTV systems are built with you in mind.

Smart phone remote viewing

PC based systems

Integrated Systems

Night-time surveillance

Data protection compliant

Remote monitoring

Every system we design and install can be viewed and controlled at the premises and will additionally have the capability to be viewed remotely on a PC/Monitor or mobile device from anywhere in the world. The footage is stored on a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and the HD cameras produce clear images during both day and night time surveillance. CCTV cameras are a deterrent to many criminals who want their identities to remain anonymous. In general, they would rather target a building which is not covered by security cameras and this can have a positive impact in diverting them away from your home and business premises. 

CCTV Installation for Residential Use

You are able to record and view images of your property 24/7 through your existing TV, computer monitor or mobile device. Thieves would rather target a property where there are no active CCTV cameras. Integration between a quality security alarm system and cctv system can be more effective in deterring criminals from targeting your property.

CCTV Installation for Businesses

You are able to monitor and view your CCTV from anywhere in the world using a mobile device. Security cameras can record continuous footage onto a DVR for periods of up to one month, without missing any images. Can assist in efficient running of your business by reducing risk of internal thefts and improving staff effectiveness.

We can assess your situation and premises and after a quick consultation will advise you on the best CCTV system to use.